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Meet the New Pastor and His Wife

Meet Phil and Kathy Reynolds…

Phil Reynolds has been called to be Hope’s new pastor. He will begin October 1, 2014. He is leaving an interim position at Agape Church of the Brethren in Ft. Wayne, IN to move to Michigan. While his joining us doesn’t guarantee a new birth for Hope, it will hopefully energize us to look for new growth and tenderly work to help it grow into something vital and life giving. In Phil’s own words: “My life has been a fascinating journey toward a more kind and gentle expression of faith. I am excited about journeying together with Hope.”


His wife Kathy will remain in Ohio for a season or two to complete some job training and work at selling their family home. She will hopefully join us for an occasional weekend before she moves permanently to Michigan. In the meantime, we might be able to get to know and support her through letters, emails, facebook, etc. Ask Phil what we might do to help make her a part of our church family.


Especially while Kathy isn’t here, Phil might enjoy an invitation to sup with you (though Kathy requests you do low carb meals for his health). It’s a great way to get to know him and welcome him into our midst. Of course, once Kathy comes, the meals don’t have to stop. Just pull up another chair!

P.S. the baby is their 7th grand child.

 To find out more about Phil, check out his blog here: The Musings.



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