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A Word from the On-Site Annual Conference Manager

A Word from Joanna:

“I can’t believe that Annual Conference has come and gone. I remember when DeVos Place opened and we caucused with Joe McRoberts about whether or not Annual Conference could be held there! Then while I was serving on the Program and Arrangements Committee, I would not-so-casually mention Grand Rapids for site locations every year (or every meeting…). We even joked about having a denominational potluck in Grand Rapids. Ed Cheladyn even had it all figured out which districts would provide which foods for this imaginary potluck. I giggled to myself when I heard that the theme had to do with Extending the Table. Sounds like a potluck to me! The Michigan District even set up service projects at local soup kitchens for conference goers to volunteer. Again, potluck?”

‘Do or do not, there is no try.’ — Yoda

Joanna did more than try. She  (along with John Willoughby, Terri Jones, and Stephanie Vanas) helped create a very successful annual conference. Everyone I talked to had much praise for the conference and the ease with which it seemed to unfold. Thanks to all who helped make this a memorable conference!

Joanna the last evening of conference, sitting on her LoveSac and hyperventilating?

Not everyone handled the stress like Joanna though. Here are Terri and Stephanie living it up (a fancy potluck).

We got our denominational name on the walkway outside of the DeVos Center.

The hospitality booth was one of the best ever. The LoveSacs were a HUGE hit by the younger generation; the rocking chairs got plenty of use too.

Roya and Joe claiming their LoveSac after the conference.

Conference worship.