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It’s That Time of Year Again – CROP WALK!

When Libby emailed me this year and asked if I’d put a picture on the CROP web site for our church, I groaned and said under my breath, “not CROP already.” My son overheard my lament and asked me why I’d sounded upset because of the walk. WHY INDEED? The kids enjoy the event and feel they are doing something worthwhile. I enjoy the time with friends walking the course (come join us if you’d like). And the church earns money for an organization that makes a difference around the world and in our local community. As Libby said when I confessed my initial lack of enthusiasm, it catches her that way at first too (she puts in WAY more effort than I do), but in just a few minutes she gets herself fired up and she’s raring to go!

It feels especially good to know we’ve walked for CROP when disasters like the earthquake in Japan strike. While others are trying to figure out how to get money there, we can know our money is already at work:

“Church World Service is providing emergency relief to some 25,000 people now living at 100 evacuation sites in northeastern Japan.  We are focusing on areas where basic needs of food, water, sanitation, electricity and fuel are not being met.

We are working with a coalition of 32 Japanese agencies who know best where resources are needed.

Bringing people together to help communities in need.  It’s been our mandate for 65 years, and it’s how we’re working in Japan.”

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Making a Difference

The youth group wants to interest you in a game of Kubb.  While they are more than willing to play it with you, they don’t JUST want you play it, they want  you to BUY it.  This spring the youth (under the leadership of Ron France) will be making Kubb sets (see photos of the game and a YouTube video on how to play). Ron does the cutting.  The class sands the wooden playing pieces and then paints them with fun motiffs. The money from the sets will go into the youth fund for future youth conferences.

Ron came up with the idea to have the youth begin making games and other items last fall.  The youth Sunday school class needed something to keep them focused. Ron begins his class with a brief lesson, then continues to chat and interact with the kids as they make things.  He found this has given the group purpose and loosened up the kids to talk.

Last fall the class made ladder golf games.  Over the Christmas season they made evergreen swags. The money they earned from the swags (about $250) went to God’s Kitchen in Grand Rapids, while the other monies earned will either go to future youth conferences (such as NYC) or will be given to other charities.

For our out of town guests, place orders now and pick up your Kubb set at Annual Conference this June in Grand Rapids.

To learn more about Kubb press here

Ron enjoying the game Kubb.