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Young Quartet for Merry Month of May Celebration

For the Merry Month of May special arts Sunday, the nurture commission is asking folks to bring their artistic endeavors to the church to share (quilts, bug collections, photos, paintings, written work, etc.).  The event will take place after the worship service on May 16, and will be followed by a potluck (a chance to showcase culinary artistic endeavors). Booked early for the event was the East Grand Rapids String Quartet.  Unfortunately, they didn’t start practicing for this event until their mothers got strict (late last week).  Hopefully they will sound good enough to give a promising glimpse of what they could sound like in the future (with way more practice and experience!).  Tristen is excited that by bringing the quartet, he will get three chances at the “prize” the nurture commission is going to raffle off.  He challenges others from Hope to bring more guests than him!

CROP Walk – Blustery Day

Oh the wind is lashing lushily

And the trees are thrashing thrustily

And the leaves are rustling gustily

So it’s rather safe to say

That it seems that it may turn out to be

It feels that it will undoubtedly

It looks like a rather blustery day, today

[From Winnie the Pooh]

Despite the rain, the Crop Walk was a success.  This Sunday our inspiring leader and cookie baker extraordinaire, Libby, brought cookies to reward us all for helping make it the success it was.  Doug decided CROP this Sunday stood for Cookies Remembering Our Participation.  They sure were good! After the announcement of cookies, I’m not sure if people heard the rest of Libby’s announcement (we were too excited about the cookies).  But Libby went on to announce that Hope raised $5,874.00 this year for CROP.  Then today I got an email that we got $50 more over the internet.  Which just proves that it’s not too late if you still want to give… make it an even $6,000.00!  (We’d only need $76.00 more.) Click here to connect with the Hope Team CROP page.

For more photos of the event, go to the photo page and click on the photo link.