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Baby Shower Time!

There isn’t anything more special than a baby being born into the church.  Mel and Eric are sharing this with us!  To celebrate, we are planning a baby shower on October 18 after the service and study hour (around noon).  There will be food and fun (potluck).  The shower is for women AND men, so don’t skip out on us guys (Keith, the deal is still on: there’s a pie in it for you if you come).  For a list of things they would still like for the baby look at this Baby Shower List.


You Got Beans in Your Ears?

If you do, bring ’em to the church on Saturday, September 26 and can ’em.  Mel is organizing the third Hope canning party of the season.  The peach and tomato canning events were given two thumbs up by those that participated.  Now it’s time from green beans.  Let Mel know (mel@ericbradley.com) that you want to can some beans, and how many… then join her and the others at Hope September 26 at 12:30.  Who knows, you might be able to hear Doug’s sermons better if you get those beans out of your ears!


Harvard Theologian with Faith the Cow

My brother sent me this photo and message.  I thought it might interest the church, since the reference to “Faith the Cow” is from a book about Heifer Project.  Harvey Cox was on sabbatical from Harvard while I was there, but I took many of my classes from a friend of his, Ralph Potter.  He also stressed environmental causes: I remember he rode his bike everywhere through all weather conditions. – Roya
from An ancient Harvard right redeemed

The skinny beast with the enormous ears and bell around its neck served three purposes yesterday as it roamed a cordoned-off patch of grass on Harvard Yard. It allowed retiring Harvard professor Harvey Cox, who for 44 years has held the oldest endowed chair at a US university, to finally lay claim to the Hollis Professor of Divinity’s centuries-old right to graze his cow in Harvard Yard, which a colleague of his said was the 1700s equivalent of parking privileges. It provided a way to attract attention to his new book, “The Future of Faith.’’ Cox also used the occasion to promote a pet cause. “We are reclaiming a very old and valuable tradition that should not go lost – namely, that animals and vegetables belong in the yard,’’ he said. “We should be back in touch with where our food comes from.’’
The 5-year-old female Jersey cow, brought in from The Farm School in Athol, didn’t seem to mind being used, or the reference to her being called food. She also put up with having her name changed for the day, from “Pride’’ to “Faith.’’ And she played the part, showing a lot more faith than pride. Indeed, she seemed to revel in the attention, and the well-groomed grass. She licked cameras, bowed her snout before laughing children, and put up with the long-winded speeches – even one in Latin – by plopping on the ground and not mooing too much. Before Cox escorted her off to the Divinity School, where she would undergo a public milking, Bradley Teeter, who brought her to town, described his furry livestock this way: “She’s a good sport.’’

Canning It Up

Last week it was peaches, soon it will be tomatoes.  We have some new blood at the church and she’s nicely shaking things up.  Mel has been wanting to can and she’s engaged the church in her dream.  Three families canned peaches last week (more came to help and socialize).  September 12 she’s canning tomatoes and is looking for people to can with her.  If anyone is interested email Mel Bradley at mel@ericbradley.com for more information.  Coming this fall: apple sauce!

More District Conference Photos

More photos have been added to the district conference photo album.  To check them out, click here.

Cornhole Tournament


Last Sunday was Hope’s annual picnic.  The church folks out did themselves with the food.  The desserts alone could have made a meal (and did for some, I think).  But the big event was the cornhole tournament. Many folks were seen warming up, but not all competed. (Hey Bill, that looks like good form.  Where were you when the tournament started?)  This year there were 9 teams competing.  The final match between John & Joanna and Dorothy & Becky was gripping.  The match tied at 21-21 and went into overtime play.  And the winner was… J&J!  I have the brackets that the tournament organizer provided (though I think I have the lower half incorrect… sorry). While J&J might have won the tournament, Mel & Eric won the drawing for the cornhole toss game.  Guess we know who’ll be practicing for next year’s tournament!

beanbag jpg

For a better look, click here.


The quilt that is being raffled off this year is behind these two lovely ladies.  See the quilters or contact the church for raffle tickets.  All money goes to Habitat for Humanity.


Future cornhole toss champion.

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