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National Older Adult Conference (NOAC)

NOAC is almost here, but you have to be 50 years of age or older to attend.  If you meet the age requirement, mark your calendars for September 7-11, 2009 and start packing your bags.  The conference is held in Lake Junaluska, North Carolina. Everyone from the church that has gone in the past says it’s a good time. Unlike NYC, it doesn’t have to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!  For more information about NOAC, click here. For the registration form click here.

National Youth Conference, 2010

National Youth Conference is closer than you think.  The district youth have actively been trying to earn money through car washes and concession stands at District Conference.  They are also selling t-shirts to raise money (click here to see shirts).

NYC will be July 17-22, 2010 at Colorado State University.  Plan now!

For more information about NYC, click here.

and here

NOTE: I also marked 2010 camp dates on Hope’s calendar if you want to make sure you plan your summer around the camp schedules.

District Conference

Doug @ DC

Once again District Conference was a good time.  While many of us spent much of the time sitting through meeting, others of us got to experience camp fires, swimming, and just good fun with friends.  When business meetings weren’t in session (and there was plenty of time when they weren’t) there was much one could do: I attended a workshop session on Alzheimers and Spirituality led by Heddie Sumner and found it stimulating (this one replaced the last minute cancellation of Frances Beam). The other workshop sessions included a listening session lead by the district’s Visioning and Restructuring Committee and a Multi-Cultural Awareness Training session led by Ruben Deoleo.  Of course, the weekend started off with a Love Feast lead by Anita Smith-Buckwalter and was followed by a worship service.  Jim Hardenbrook (a past annual conference moderator) was speaker for the weekend.  Saturday night, for those wanting some night life, there was the Musical Extravaganza (talent show) which prominently featured many of Hope’s members in the Heavy Metal Band (think tubas and such).

Pat @ DC

The thing I always find truly inspiring is how many of Hope’s people are prominent at conference.  Not only by attending (we do live the closest), but also in taking charge of activities: thanks for the child care, Erica and Paulette; the SERV table was great, Mike; I’m sure I’m forgetting someone!  Hope’s folks were also elected to various positions: Chris Hamilton is now the District Board Chair (and she was re-affirmed as Camp Representative to the District Board), and Paul Crumback was re-elected to Steward’s Commission.  They’ll join the others from our church that are already serving the district: Roya Stern as Writing Clerk, John Willoughby as a Rau Farm Trustee (he just finished his term on Annual Conference Standing Committee), Joe McRoberts on the Church of the Brethren Mission and Ministries Board AND Michigan Association of Brethren Caregivers, Marie Deardorff as District historian, Darlene Vanderwood on Michigan Equity and Endowment Board (MEEB), Doug Reichenbach part of the Pastoral Care Team, Jim Kinsey as the district’s CROP/CWS Representative, Betsy Grant as Youth Cabinet President, and Brittney Bufkin as Youth Cabinet Publicity.  Way to be involved!

Other pictures are posted on the blog.  Follow the links via the photos page.  I borrowed Joanna’s camera and took many more pictures than she asked me to (she wanted a few of her dad as he was installed as Moderator for the 2010 district conference).  Her camera is SO much better.  I asked for the photos to post and she promised she’ll get them to me.  So stay tuned!

Joanna @DC

John @ DC