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Youth Broadcasting System


Today this energetic group known as the Youth Broadcasting System, broadcast live from Hope Church of the Brethren.   From left to right we have Casey who joined the group as a visiting expert Cardiologist; Betsy the correspondent; Dillon the station’s weather anchor; Amy the show’s producer; Tom the head anchor; and Allyson the roaming reporter and technical expert.

Each of the team’s members gave their report in the form of a song that had special meaning for them.  The congregation got to hear the song and some words about what this song meant to the individual.  Many individuals in the congregation expressed a desire to know the words to the songs.  Here is a chance to hear them again (click the video) and/or read the words (click on the lyrics).

Tom’s song – Krytonite by Three Doors Down

click here to see a video of Krytonite

click here to see the lyrics to Kryptonite

Dylan’s song – If Today Was Your Lats Day by Nickelback

click here to see a video of If Today Was Your Last Day

click here to see the lyrics to If Today Was Your Last Day

Betsy’s Son – Dancing in Circles by Love and Theft

click here to see a video of Dancing in Circles

click here to see the lyrics to Dancing in Circles

Casey’s Song – Love Will Always Win by Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood

click here to see a video of Love Will Always Win

click here to see the lyrics to Love Will Always Win

Allyson’s Song – You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban

click here to see a video of You Raise Me Up (Josh Groban)

another version by Westlife (the video feed is good here)

click here to see the lyrics to You Raise Me Up

Stay tuned for more about the broadcast (if the blog manager is on the ball, that is).

Happy Birthday to Doug!

Happy Birthday Doug…. Happy Birthday Doug… Happy Birthday Doug…

It was a bit like the movie Groundhog’s Day.  I noticed when updating church birthdays on the calendar this month, that I had Doug Reichenbach’s birthday listed as the 3rd Saturday of every month, instead of yearly on November 29. I’m not sure if he was getting good mileage off that mistake or not.  (I notice he didn’t bother to alert me to my mistake!)

We love you, Doug!

Nathan Polzin Delivers the Message

Church in Drive

With a little help from his friends, Nathan Polzin delivered the message at Hope on June 21.  Nathan is the Michigan District Interim District Executive and the pastor at Church in Drive (the new church plant in Saginaw, Michigan).  Two parishioners from Church in Drive came to Hope with Nathan to help share a bit about what is coming to life in Saginaw.  Kyle gave a faith statement about his life and his new commitment to God.  Shay shared his music with us.

To learn more about church in drive,  click here.


To learn more about Shay’s music (and to hear his new single, “Better Off”)  click here.

These blog sites will be listed in our “Friends of Hope” page if you would like to keep up with what’s happening with Church in Drive or with The Legend Of Xero’s musical career.

NOTE: Pastor Doug was not with us at worship this Sunday.  Though he did send word via email.  He made a 3 hour trip down to Manchester, Indiana for the weekend.  In the email he admitted the trip took it’s toll and maybe he pushed things a bit too fast.  We pray for his safe return with less discomfort.

Are you smarter than a Dunkard? Round #3

This week our contestant didn’t do any better… again only getting the multiple choice question (she claims she’s been told that “C” is the answer 75% of the time when given a multiple choice question).  This week we learned that Commissions meet on a monthly basis, when possible.  We also learned that the Nurture Commission is responsible for finding Sunday School teachers; buying Sunday School educational material; finding ushers and greeters; and decorating the church for holidays.  They are NOT responsible for funeral dinners – this is the responsibility of the Deacons.  We learned that the Nurture Commission is one of four commissions at the church (along with Ministerial, Stewards, and Witness… the Deacons, Farm Fund Personnel & Nominating, and Student Loan are committees, not commissions.  And contrary to what our contestant thought, there is NO “potluck commission”).  Lastly, we learned that all members of Hope Church of the Brethren are voting members of church council.

Join us next week for the final installment of “Are You Smarter Than A Dunkard?”

District Conference Moderator Speaks at Hope

Bill Sumner

While our pastor is recuperating from his hip replacement surgery, we are blessed some guest speakers.  June 14 we had Bill Sumner speak with us.  Bill is the 2009 Michigan District Conference Moderator. Here he is plugging the conference which will be held August 14-16.

We were also blessed with the presence of Pastor Doug.  While he is still on sick leave, he was able to attend the service (just one week after his surgery).  We are truly thankful that he was doing so well and was able to worship with us.

Second Installment of “Are You Smarter Than a Dunkard?”

During week #2 of “Are You Smarter Than a Dunkard?” the contestant (you can call her Al), again did not score very well, but we still learned a lot about Hope’s Committees and how they operate.

We learned this week that three members are elected to every commission at Hope. Stewards also has just three elected members, but has others that are members by nature of their position – the Treasurer and Financial Secretary.

We learned that the Stewards Commission is responsible for putting together the final budget for council approval; handling bequests; planning and executing work days at the church; and asking members for pledges.  But they are NOT responsible for putting together the ballot – this is the responsibility of Personnel and Nominating Committee.

We learned that currently the Chair of the Stewards Commission is Connie Falconer. The other elected members are Keith Bergy and Don Vanas.  The treasurer (Joe Spencer) and Financial secretary (Bonnie Crumback) are also members.

We learned that the Church Board reports to Church Council and that this council meets quarterly.

Our MC tried to give the contestant another question to help her boost her points (she’d only gotten question #2 correct because she always guesses “C” for multiple choice questions, and that just happened to be right).  He asked, “Who is the moderator of church council?”  The contestant thought she knew this one, because the guest speaker of the day had been introduced as the moderator.  So she enthusiastically said, “Bill Sumner.”  Unfortunately for the contestant (and fortunately for the district) he is the moderator this year of District Conference.  Norm Kiracofe is Hope’s moderator.


District Conference

Willoughbys at DC

Michigan’s District Conference is coming soon: August 14-16.  There will be lots of changes this year: we’ll continue the “new” schedule we began last year, we have a new Interim D.E., Woodgrove will be the doing meals instead of Beaverton, we have no Conference Manager this year (HELP!), our Moderator has stepped in for someone unable to fill the position, we are going digital with the conference booklet… this, just to name a few.  The conference will be exciting and new (with maybe a few rough edges to smooth out over the years).

Come help us bring in the NEW.  Click here to get the registration form.

And Click here for the Conference Schedule.