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Paulette’s Bucket List

Paulette has a “bucket list.”  Last week she got to check off one item on the list: she’s always wanted to help out on a disaster relief project. Jiggs helped her check that one off. Jiggs, Violet, Don, Paulette, and Nicholas (another first-timer) went to Greenville, IN for a week to work on houses damaged in flooding last year. Paulette said she got to paint. Her only disappointment was that she didn’t get to meet the person who owned the house she was working on. Jiggs and past volunteers have come back with such inspirational stories concerning the owners of the houses and churches they have helped. But the disappointment seemed minor compared to the overall experience. She said it was amazing to see the volunteers in action. She thinks Jiggs and Violet turn back the clock when on projects and have the energy of young adults in their early 20s. I asked Paulette what else was on her “bucket list.” She thought a moment and said, “I think I’d like to go to the rain forest.” I think that should go from Paulette’s lips via God to Dorothy’s ears… maybe Dorothy can help her check that one off her list too.  The moral of this blurb is this: be sure what you put on your “bucket list” is really something you want to do, because if folks in the church hear of it they’ll probably try to help you do it!  

What’s on YOUR “bucket list”?

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Time to Sign Up For the Messenger

Subscription time for the Messenger is here again.  Let Violet Miller know BY MARCH 9, 2009 if you wish to continue to subscribe for another year, and pay her $14.50 as soon as possible.  It’s well worth getting to keep up on the news.  In the last few years Hope has been represented: Zander wrote a letter about his experience as Alexander Mack Jr. at district conference, Colleen Hamilton has been featured in an article about her gardening project at Manchester.  I’m sure there is more, so let me know what I forgot to put in.

February 2009 Messenger

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Marie Willoughby’s Send Off


Today the Michigan District celebrated Marie Willoughby’s service to the district. She resigned as District Executive on February 14, 2009. Hope’s basement was filled with people who wished her well as she and Don move to Timbercrest. The 70-odd people (that means “70 plus some” though many were “odd”) that attended the luncheon had to come through a virtual snow storm to be there. After lunch Marie was “interviewed” in the way only Doug can do (luckily she was given the questions beforehand and had some time to think about them). She said the highlights of being district executive were traveling to the churches in the district, leading the Brethren Beliefs seminars for Junior High Youth, and getting to do the newsletter. Don Willoughby confessed that he was on the search committee when she was hired, and that he voted against her for the position (I guess he wanted to retire as a couple 7 years ago!).  Many of us cannot remember a time when the “originally Donny and Marie” weren’t in the district, so their move to Indiana will be a bittersweet thing: we wish them well, but will miss them dearly. We at Hope are lucky to have one of their children as a member, we might still see them often as they come to visit the grandchildren.


Photos supplied by Joanna. To see 75 more of Joanna’s photos, click here.

Welcome Shiloh

Joanna posts on her facebook page, “I am so happy to officially be Shiloh’s mom!!”  We are happy Shiloh is now an official part of your family too:  that means she is officially a part of Hope’s family.  


This is the first photos Joanna sent me of Shiloh.  I posted it immediately (back in November). Then I emailed Joanna to say Shiloh was on Hope’s blog. I was asked to take the photo off so as not to “jinx” the adoption.  

Here is a photo I was set to post last month. Joanna told me she’d email me and let me know when I could post it. But things took a little bit longer than we’d hoped.

Joanna & shiloh

But keeping the photos off must have worked, because here is how she looks today and the adoption in safely underway. Joanna emailed her permission to post this photo. Now all of Hope’s family and friends can see this wonderful smile! Come for a potluck and you might even be able to HOLD Shiloh and earn one of these smiles for yourself.

shiloh 2/13

Good things come to those who wait.  That must be true because God has truly blest us!