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Joe and Roya say they got lots of new games in the past 6 months. How about You? Nurture commission thinks it’s time to learn some new games and replay some old favorites, so on February 22 we are having a potluck and game day. Bring games you like to play and share the fun with others. Or find games other people have brought and learn a new one. It’s a chance for fun, fellowship, and perhaps learning something new. Don’t forget to bring a friend.

Dylan Hears The Voice

Dylan's baptism

“At the birth of a child (with its feet and fingers still black from the identifying ink) there is an imperceptible shuffling in the world. Governments plan for one more taxpayer; armies sharpen one more bayonet; corportations put one more desk in the row; hawkers practice their pitch; religions dust off their rules. But there is also a Voice — The Voice which calls softly; Dylan, I see you. I have always loved you. Be as much of yourself as you can be. Be gentle… with yourself, with others, with the earth.” – written by Joseph Gilmore

On January 11, Dylan let us know he’s heard the Voice and wishes to continue responding to it. He was baptized the same day his grandmother’s painting for the baptistry was dedicated (see posting below about the painting).

Let It Be

Allyson's Let it be

Allyson shared her gift of music with us January 4 as she sang “Let It Be.”  We continue to be blessed with wonderful music!

You Can BID on the Church of the Brethren

I was trying to add some denominational links to our web site so that people visiting the site could find out more about the Brethren.  When I googled “Church of the Brethren,” off to the right I saw the caption, “Bid on the Church of the Brethren.  Shop Victoriously!”  It led me to an eBay site.  Anyway… if any of you want to see what it means to bid on the Church of the Brethren you can check it out at this link.