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Wedding Shower

Bill and Terri are getting married! Today Hope celebrated by having a wedding shower. It meant a potluck (of course), with lots of meat (for Bill). In fact, John & Joanna grilled them steaks as big as platters. We had lots of fun activities lead by Chris and Paulette. Check out the “wedding cakes” and Hope’s own version of “The Soonly Wed (and others) Game”  (check out the photos here). While Bill may not have remembered where they went on their first date (or at least Terri’s version of it) or what his mother-in-law’s middle name is, he DID have a pet name for her (that he remembered), he knew when she’d last told him she loved him, what her favorite t.v. show is, what their dream vacation would be, and how to tell when she was upset with him. Sounds like the makings of a great marriage!

Brethren go to Jail – thinking back to our beginning

In our worship today we thought about what it means to “count the cost.” We learned about our history and how the Brethren have sometimes had to go to jail for their beliefs. Doug lead the “young at heart” in a little activity that sent our young Brethren to “jail.” Erica Fitzpatrick was the jailer and she is very good at her job! The quilt in the back was brought by Libby.  She shared how it takes a village to make a quilt: she did the flowers; her mother pieced everything together; and her aunt quilted it. She said it spoke of the way strong women can work together to make beautiful things happen.

On The Road Again – Adventures of Tom & Wanda

Tom & Wanda will be taking off next Sunday to do their road thing. They are doing a blog this year so that we can keep up to date on their activities. You can access their blog through our “friends of Hope” page, or click on this link. Have a great time guys!

Alexander Mack, Jr. Caught on Camera

Looking through the district newsletter I discovered that while Zander’s parents may not have caught Alexander Mack, Jr. on camera… his grandparents had. Here is Alexander Mack, Jr. (a.k.a. Zander) at District Conference this year. Note that he spoke in front of the delegate body, as well as made visits to the kid’s program and spoke to the children. Way to go Zander!

Raise Your Voice in Song

Sunday as we were sitting in the fellowship hall for our untraditional worship service/study hour, an amazing thing happened: My oldest son actually shared a hymnal with me and sang #499, “Lord, speak to me.” I’m the kind of parent that doesn’t want my kids to do things without meaning. While I told my son I loved him many times each day, I never said, “tell mommy you love her.” It wasn’t until he was 2 years old and sitting with his brand new baby brother that I heard him say, “I love you, baby brother.” It’s been the same with hymn sings. I don’t want to force him to sing. I want him to sing when he can do it with meaning. I’ve tried to hold out the hymnal to share it with him. I’ve told him he would be welcome to join us in singing. But it wasn’t until today I actually ever heard him sing a hymn in church. Given that he’s 11, it’s been a long time coming. It happened on an interesting Sunday. One might say it was thematic. Later in the service Pastor Doug played some songs from The Yurt Folks (a group from N. Manchester, Indiana). One song was entitled Anybody Can Sing, and the other was Three Tone Deaf Mice. The message was that everyone should feel free to raise their voice in song. Darlene V. spoke at one point and told us how her mother never sang out loud in church, but always lipped the songs. She’d been told as a child that she couldn’t carry a tune and thus she should just move her lips. Darlene said her mom told her, “I know I can sing, because I sing in my heart.” I’m glad we are part of a fellowship that encourages people to sing in their hearts AND with their voices, no matter how polished we are. I still remember the church I grew up in, the thing I liked most was the music. And that wasn’t because we had lots of great voices. It was because everyone could sing (and sing loudly) if they desired. Sometimes they weren’t even singing the right words. Many time they were probably off key. But there was something about us all singing together that sounded great to me. Hope is one of the first churches I’ve attended as an adult that sounds as good to me as that church I grew up in. I’m glad Tristen is beginning to join us as we sing.

Are they coming for you?

I found this in the Harvard Magazine (I’m probably violating copy right laws, so don’t report me), and I thought some of you might like it. The bear by the charts is saying, “The BAD news is the ice cap is melting and it’s going to be almost impossible to catch seals.” He then goes on to say, “the GOOD news is if we keep moving south, there’s tons of FAT animals called ‘humans’ who can’t run very fast.” You may want to talk to Dorothy and/or our youth to find out more ways to stop global warming so they won’t be coming for you!

Update on the Pumpkins (not good)

It’s been a few weeks since I checked the pumpkins and provided an update.  Those weeks have been DRY. The weeds (which we noticed earlier) seemed to adapt to the weather better than the pumpkins. Bugs were rampant too.  It looks like this year our pumpkin crop will be very different than last year… it looks like there aren’t any pumpkins left.

But there are plenty of seeds for next year (if we want to try it again!).